Celebrate World Goth Day with South Park Goth Merch

Do you only wear black? Do you have an affinity for writing poetry about sorrow? Would you prefer to sit behind South Park Elementary smoking and drinking coffee rather than doing literally anything else? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you just might be a goth kid. With World Goth Day upon us, now is the perfect time to let your inner goth shine. The South Park Goth Kids Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt lets you creep around as many graveyards as you wish with your fellow goth crew without ever getting cold. Featuring the iconic pessimistic posse themselves, this cozy crew neck lets everyone know that the goth way is the only way. If you are ready to work up a sweat on World Goth Day by dancing with your hands by your sides and keeping your eyes on the ground, then the lightweight South Park Goth Kids Adult Short Sleeve T-Shirt is just the ticket. You can also give your goth style a sickeningly sorrowful upgrade with new South Park Goth Kids products launching just in time for World Goth Day. No matter how you show off your goth pride, do so in style with the official South Park Shop.